WEAK (marching off)

from by Brian J. Meade




What are hours that fill my days
if the sunlight blinds my eyes
reflected a thousand ways
yet I see we need goodbyes

I realize

Although I never claim to seek
I don't need to try to find a bright new week

The months burn through my good years
inflating them with noise
The traffic never clears
but it's me that it employs
A ruckus on the wing draws near
and the birds no more rejoice
All this I wish I did not fear
but I fear I have no choice

I long for when I cease to hear
but another loud strong week rings clear

With seconds ticking by
and minutes blown away
open ears have I
nothing good to say

Everything's a game
and it will always be the same
and who is there to blame
for the day that never came?

And don't you think it's strange
that decades go to waste
when only I could change
the fruit that I would taste

If I just let the wind direct my sail
but until then I cannot speak
of why the daily bread is stale
and what's on the vine is weak


Now I know who to blame
for the play that never came
Cause now I know the game
and it will always be the same
Always be the same

Only I can change
Only I can change


from WEAK (2016), track released February 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Brian J. Meade Virginia Beach, Virginia

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